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Our unique chelated-mineral formula

18 targeted supplements

for your horse specific needs

We have grouped our supplements into five broad categories: Metabolic System & Daily Essential, Prevention & Care, Energy & Performance, Concentration & Focus, and Reproduction. Proper product absorption is essential for a horse to be able to fully benefit from the supplements it is given. ETA-Equine is determined to provide natural products that correspond to the fundamental needs of horses, so we collaborated with scientists to develop a unique, chelated-mineral (natural) formula.


Providing a balanced diet

The best blends of hay

“Horses need hay that has lower
protein levels and can be eaten throughout the day.”

We have long been known for the quality of our hay, specifically developed for horses and composed of the best varieties of hay blended to perfection. Our blends combine the benefits of fibre with protein contents specifically measured to facilitate digestion. Developed in the Eastern Townships with a constant focus on horse health, these blends are the result of a modern, scientific approach to providing horses with a balanced diet.


Health pillars

What is your main health target need?

Click on the tabs below to explore the different health pillars

Health Pillar 1

Metabolism & Daily Essentials

The proper functioning of one’s vital organs (nervous system, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys) and maintaining cell and tissue integrity (muscles, protein and lipid turnover, ion transport) are essential to the life and health of all living creatures. We have brought together five supplements which, used alone or in combination, will ensure the optimal health of your horse, as well as its performance.

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Health Pillar 2

Prevention & Care

Although strong and hardy, horses are not exempt from illnesses and health issues. The most frequent involve the digestive system (colic), skin (allergies, heat stroke), and joints (osteoarthritis is the main cause of a horse’s retirement). In addition to a balanced diet and exercise, your horse needs specific care to ensure it has a healthy life.

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Health Pillar 3

Energy & Performance

Most of a horse’s energy comes from its food. Since a horse does not eat constantly, it is important to provide it with an additional source of energy, especially during periods of intense effort and performance. The horse’s muscles must be well fueled to keep them in top shape.

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Health Pillar 4

Concentration & Focus

Concentration is a fundamental work tool for a horse, especially during competitions. It enables energy and physical and mental strengths to be applied in a single action. A concentrated horse is fully attentive to what it is doing. It is calmer, more obedient, and performs better. We have developed two supplements to help a horse remain focused and not let itself be distracted or upset by external factors that could break its concentration.

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Health Pillar 5


In horses, good breeding is vital to ensuring both the longevity of the breed and strong, healthy offspring. To facilitate the success of this important period in your horse’s life, we have developed a unique supplement that will heighten a mare’s fertility. The natural selenium in our Reproduction formula is stored by the mare and transferred to its foal through the placenta and colostrum at the time of delivery. This essential trace element provides a solid base of minerals to the foal, which will be strong and healthy at birth.

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Your horse unique needs

Problems VS Solutions

While horses are strong, robust animals that have an average lifespan of 20 to 25 years, they are not exempt from certain illnesses and health problems. Here is a list of the most common problems and our recommended solutions to prevent or treat these problems.

Your horse unique needs


Prevention is the key to better health. Being aware of your horse needs and knowing how to treat his possible illnesses or problems, is part of caring for its health throughout its life. Here is a list of our recommendations towards these various health situations.

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