Choosing Premium Quality Horse Hay

Hay Field


Professional riders have no problem identifying Premium Quality Horse Hay. That’s why at EASTERN TOWNSHIPS ACREAGES we work closely with the professional rider community. They recognize that EASTERN TOWNSHIPS ACREAGES produces quality hay to be leafy, fine-stemmed, and adequately but not overly dry. Since two-thirds of the plant nutrients are in the leaves, the leaf-to-stem ratio should be high. The hay is not to brittle but instead soft to the touch, with little or no shattering of the leaves. Lost leaves means lost nutrition. There is no excessive moisture that could cause overheating and spoilage.

Making premium horse hay involves a valuable balance of knowledge and skill. From a groom’s standpoint, there’s nothing like snipping the strings on a bale of EASTERN TOWNSHIPS ACREAGES hay mid-winter and finding soft, green, leafy hay inside. Horses thrive on such hay and REQUIRE LITTLE GRAIN SUPPLEMENTATION.

Keep the hay-making process in mind as you make your hay selection this fall and this winter.

Choose what professional riders are choosing — EASTERN TOWNSHIPS ACREAGES professional horse hay.

We do our Best so your horses can be the Best