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Composed solely of plants providing the vitamins needed for good health and meeting the specific needs of horses. Our unique blends are composed of Timothy, Brome, and Orchard grasses, with a bit of clover or a mixture of Timothy and Alfalfa to provide proteins that assist digestion ideal for your horse.

Contributes to Proper Metabolic Function

Not only providing nourishment to a horse and keeping it occupied, hay also contributes to proper metabolic function. In fact, the hay that a horse eats on any given day will take approximately four days to digest.

Unlike other feed, which cause a horse’s digestive system to work insufficiently, hay fully fills the horse’s digestive tract, reducing the risk of colic (the primary cause of death in horses) and preventing gastric reflux.

Ensure Healthy Digestion

It is important to be aware that hay for horses must be completely different from hay for cows. Dairy cows need hay that is high in protein to increase their milk production. Horses require hay with a lower protein content that can be eaten throughout the day to ensure healthy gastro-intestinal system function and to prevent ulcers and colic.

Hay that is too rich in protein may give the horse too much energy, leading to disobedience, nervousness, and excessive perspiration. For those horses that are very active and owners looking for a horse hay with higher protein levels we of course do offer our two Alfalfa blends. Hay for cows is also not easily digested by horses, which have sensitive stomachs, unlike cows, which have four stomachs.

Blended to Perfection

We have long been known for the quality of our hay, specifically developed for horses and composed of the best varieties of hay blended to perfection. Some contains Timothy, Brome, and Orchard grasses, and a bit of clover with our other blends contain a mix of Timothy and Alfalfa. Our blends combine the benefits of fibre with protein contents specifically measured to facilitate digestion.

Developed in the Eastern Townships with a constant focus on horse health, these blends are the result of a modern, scientific approach to providing horses with a balanced diet. They are designed for all types of horses: active leisure, amateur competition, or professional-level performance. In addition, horses especially like the taste of our hay blends—and ask for more!


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