The Eastern Townships

The Eastern Townships in Fall


Robin Esrock at travel national geographic has written a great little article about the Eastern Townships. The place where we at Eastern Townships Acreages are located and grow all our premium quality hay you have come to love. Have a read through the excerpt bellow and who knows, maybe you will want to visit this picturesque area. The one thing Robin Esrock seems to have forgotten is this area is amazing for trail riding with a view, take it from us.

It seems fitting that the Eastern Townships originated in 1796 when the British granted land to Loyalists fleeing the United States after the American Revolution. Today, this region, which borders the U.S. for more than 186 miles, is a popular all-season vacation destination for New Englanders seeking a convenient, yet distinctively different, vacation in predominantly French-speaking Quebec.

“Americans coming from Vermont might feel they’ve changed continents as well as countries,” says resident Shannon Gallup. “I encourage visitors to travel around the area, because even the people who live here travel quite a bit to visit all the pretty little towns. We have one of the largest concentrations of organic farms in the country, and there are lots of vineyards and farmers markets.”

Meander the highways crisscrossing the region to visit apple orchards, maple sugar shacks, and pristine villages and lakes. And to appreciate the bond between the Eastern Townships and its southern neighbors, stop in at the Haskell Free Library and Opera House in Stanstead. Designed to straddle the border—the stage is in Quebec and the audience is in Derby Line, Vermont—the gray granite building has been providing equal access to Canadian and U.S. patrons since 1904. There’s no passport required to take a book from the Canadian stacks and check it out at U.S. circulation desk.

For the full article by Robin Esrock then hop over to travel national geographic and find out all the great things our area has to offer.

Hopefully we will see you around.