The Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex Endorses Eastern Township Acreages Hay

PBESC Endorses ETA-Equine

WELLINGTON, FLORIDA – January 23, 2014. The Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex – a premiere sport horse destination in Wellington, Florida – has officially endorsed Eastern Township Acreages Equine (ETA-Equine). Makers of high quality hay mix blends that promote health and performance, ETA-Equine is well-known and respected in the equine world for products that meet the nutritional needs of performance horses. Because the company understands that competition horses cannot spend a lot of time out in the pasture, ETA-Equine has created specially blended hay mixes that horses can graze on all day like they would in the wild.

Eastern Townships Acreages Equine provides its customers with a superior quality blend of hay that’s made from their best hay varieties. Included in their blends are combinations of Timothy, Alfalfa, Orchard grass, Brome and a bit of clover. In addition to tasting good, ETA-Equine’s blends provide horses with vital fiber-to-protein ratios, making it easy for owners and trainers to care for and feed their horses properly. Scientific and modern nutritional concepts play a role in the formulation of all of ETA-Equine’s hay blends, and they’re developed exclusively for horses. Whether trainers or riders wish to offer high quality food to an active leisure-riding horse or a horse that competes in shows and other events, the hay blends at Eastern Townships Acreages Equine ( provide ideal, complete nutrition and appealing taste.

Nestled in the scenic Appalachian Mountains in a small area of southern Quebec, ETA-Equine enjoys ideal growing circumstances with a combination of weather, sunshine, the right temperatures and geographic location. The benefits of the surrounding climate and weather conditions allow the company to grow some of the best hay available. Eastern Township Acreages Equine is committed to providing customers with top quality forage products and the advantage of reasonable year-round prices. Product availability in Southern Florida has prompted many in the equine world to embrace ETA-Equine as their go-to source for nutritionally sound hay mix blends.  The Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex proudly endorses ETA-Equine, regularly using and recommending the hay products at their facility. “There is nothing more frustrating then training a horse or teaching a rider on a horse that is not completely focused on the task at hand. Concentrated feeds are known for their high energy levels, which tend to cause an overabundance in energy, resulting in an agitated and distracted horse. By feeding quality hay developed for horses, and not the standard hay sold and developed for bovines, a horse will be more calm, focused, and attentive. Beyond the obvious implication that a calm and focused horse increases the speed of the learning curves for both horse and rider, the horse’s health is improved by having a hind gut filled on a constant basis with all the proper nutrients found in the forage blending process developed by ETA-Equine,” said Mike Samson, President of Eastern Townships Acreages.

Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex (PBESC), a premiere destination for sports horses in Wellington, Florida, offers a variety of services to their clients. Located directly across the street from the Global Dressage Festival, the 47-acre complex can be found at 13070 Pierson Road, Wellington, Florida. Multiple riding arenas, state of the art footing and adjacent to the largest equine hospital in the southeast, the PBESC is a sport horse haven that exceeds the exercise needs of its clients. The PBESC consists of world-renowned riders and trainers preparing their equine athletes for some of the most competitive Dressage, Hunter, and Jumper competitions in the world. More and more riders are switching to hay developed specifically for horses as developed by ETA-Equine in order to get a competitive edge with great results. The analysis of ETA-Equine hay is constant in nutritional values all year round. ETA-Equine answers the clinical recommendations of a perfect horse diet for professional athletes and the horse’s LOVE IT!

To learn more about the Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex, visit For more information on Eastern Townships Acreages or to learn about their hay products, visit or call 855-223-2312.