Eastern Township Acreages Equine Endorsed by Two-Time US Team Medalist Lauren Sammis

Lauren Sammis Endorses ETA-Equine


WELLINGTON, FLORIDA – January 30, 2014. Two-time US Team medalist and internationally known Dressage rider Lauren Sammis has officially made her endorsement for Eastern Township Acreages Equine (ETA-Equine). ETA-Equine is well respected and known throughout the equine world as makers of top quality hay mix blends that meet performance horses’ nutritional needs while promoting good health and peak performance. Because ETA-Equine knows that competition horses don’t have the luxury of time to spend out in the pasture, they’ve created hay mixes that are specially blended so performance horses can graze throughout the day just like they would in the wild.

With locations in Quebec, Canada and Vermont, Eastern Townships Acreages Equine provides its equine industry customers with superior quality hay mixtures that are comprised of their best hay varieties. Included in their nutritionally equine sound hay blends are propriety brands and blend ratios of Alfalfa, Timothy, Brome, Orchard grass and also clover. In addition to appealing to the taste buds of horses, ETA-Equine’s proprietary blends provide performance horses with the important fiber-to-protein ratios they need so badly. As a result, it’s easier for trainers and horse owners to feed and care for their horses. The scientific and modern nutritional concepts involved in the creation of ETA-Equine’s hay blends were developed exclusively with horses in mind. Regardless of whether a horse is involved in active leisure riding or competes in events and shows, the hay blend mixtures at Eastern Townships Acreages Equine (http://ETA-Equine.com/pages/our-townships-blend) provide complete nutrition and appealing taste that horses love.

ETA-Equine enjoys ideal hay-growing circumstances from their location nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. The combination of sunshine, temperature and overall weather conditions in their small area of southern Quebec makes it an ideal geographic location for growing high quality hay. In the equine industry, ETA-Equine is known as the go-to company for some of the best hay available. Their commitment to providing customers with quality hay blends and forage products, as well as the benefits of reasonable year-round prices, has made them popular with customers and internationally known riders and trainers like Lauren Sammis. It is with great pride that Lauren Sammis endorses Eastern Townships Acreages Equine, and she regularly uses and recommends their hay products to clients, fellow riders and trainers. “ I am sure Lauren will agree that with Eastern Townships Acreages Equine hay you know that the blending ratios of the different types of hay and grass are formulated for horses’ digestive systems, which are completely different than bovine (cows) digestive systems. Equine athletes need to be well fed to perform both physically and mentally and pro riders understand this. If they want their equine partner to perform as champions, then they need hay blends designed with horses in mind. ETA-Equine has the hay both you and your horses want,” said Mike Samson, President of Eastern Townships Acreages Equine.

Lauren Sammis has been actively riding and training for three decades. She is a two time US team medalist having won team gold and individual silver at the Rio de Janeiro Pan Am games in 2007, as well as a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist. Sammis is also the highly respected owner of Sammis Sales, LLC, where she is recognized as a leading importer of exceptional European dressage horses. Sammis is currently training with Danish warmblood gelding Lombard V, known as Cinco, with aspirations to represent the United States at the next World Equestrian and Olympic Games. “I’ve been impressed by the quality and consistency of ETA hay. The horses are able to “graze” all day and night without weight issues.  I think it lends to a happier animal, which produces a more successful competitor,” said Lauren Sammis.

To learn more about Lauren Sammis or Sammis Sales, LLC, visit http://www.sammissales.com/main_page.html, call 757-270-4414 or send an email to LCSammis@gmail.com. Find out more about Eastern Townships Acreages or learn more about their hay blend products by visiting http://ETA-Equine.com or calling 855-223-2312.