Lauren Sammis Attributes Recent Success to Good Nutrition for Her Horses

Photo by: Michelle LaFramboise 

Wellington, Florida- June 27, 2014- Lauren Sammis is in hot pursuit of the Pan American Games with her recent success in the ring and a unique two month training opportunity in the U.K. Sammis recently won the Intermediare II and FEI High Score Award at Centerline Events in Saugerties, New York aboard Lombardo V, a 10-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding owned by Hope Greenfield. Focused on taking her horses to the next level, she is headed to a town called Coolham, just south of London, to take advantage of an amazing training opportunity. Sammis will spend the next two months under the tutelage of renowned Finnish Dressage trainer and multiple Olympian Kyra Kyrklund. “I have never had the opportunity to have two months of daily lessons in my entire career,” said Sammis. “The main goal of this trip is training.”

Sammis gives credit to the forage diet of Eastern Townships Acreages Equine hay (ETA-Equine) to which Cavalor feed is also added in part for the top performance of her horses. As a horsewoman and an athlete she understands the importance of good nutrition for the success of every athlete whether it be horse or human. Sammis has been endorsing Eastern Townships Acreages Equine hay since January of this year and is a member of their prestigious MASTERS CIRCLE Riding Team. She has seen a major difference in the condition of her horses since she started feeding ETA-Equine hay. “ETA-Equine hay has balanced the diet of my horses, stabilizing their weight and keeping them in top condition,” said Sammis. “Especially Lombardo V(aka Cinco), he is a very finicky eater and since he has been on ETA-Equine hay and Cavalor grain his health and overall body condition has improved greatly.”

Eastern Townships Acreages is based out of Quebec, Canada with a U.S. head quarter in Vermont. ETA-Equine is known for superior equine quality hay mixtures that are comprised of their best hay varieties. Included in their nutritionally sound hay blends are propriety ratios of Timothy, Brome, Orchard grass and Clover. In addition to appealing to the taste buds of horses, ETA-Equine’s blends provide performance horses with the important fiber-to-protein ratios they need so badly. As a result, it’s easier for trainers and horse owners to feed and care for their horses. The scientific and modern nutritional concepts involved in the creation of ETA-Equine’s hay blends were developed exclusively with horses in mind. Regardless of whether a horse is involved in active leisure riding or competes in events and shows, the hay blend mixtures at Eastern Townships Acreages Equine ( provide complete nutrition and appealing taste that horses love.

Sammis will spend July and August in the United Kingdom, her plan is to return to the U.S. to compete in the CDI at Saugerties, NY, which is one of the Pan American Games qualifications.

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