Masters Circle Supplements, the new approach to nutrition

Masters Circle Base Supplement

ETA-Equine has worked in close partnerships with Alltech and Belisle nutritional labs, nutritionists, veterinarians, and high level athletes to develop the Masters Circle line of supplements with a unique approach to equine nutrition.

We developed our line of supplements around what we call the four founding pillars of the horse. When a horse's diet is built upon the four pillars, then their diet truly raises a horse to a higher level of performance. Each of our supplements targets one or more aspects of these pillars building upon one another to support your horses diet. Ensuring a healthy, happy, calm, and well performing horse.

Because the supplements build upon one another you are sure your horse is getting exactly what they need for targeted nutritional needs.

Here is how it works, our Base Supplement (available in powdered or pelleted form) is the foundation from which every other supplements is added. It is a total supplement mix designed to target all aspects of the four pillars. All other supplements are added on top of the Base as a dressing to the Base Supplement mix.

An example of this is a horse with hoof issues and who competes. This horse would benefit from the Base Supplement mix, with our Fortifier Supplement mix to help give all the nutrients an active and competing horse needs, and our Elite Hoof Supplement mix dressed on top of these two for target hoof support.

This approach allows you to cater a supplement regime to every horse and no longer have to give the same supplement mix to all horses. Why give hoof targeting supplements or B1 supplements to horses who don't need them?

Horses are professional athletes, we think it's time to start treating them like ones and the first place to start is making sure their diet has all the nutritional elements they need. Riders all agree, Masters Circle Supplements is the first choice in equine nutrition and the best choice for your horse.

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