Wellington, Florida – December 11, 2014. Irish rider, Darragh Kenny, officially joined the elite team of riders that endorse Eastern Townships Acreages products (ETA-Equine). Darragh Kenny understands the importance of good nutrition for the optimal performance of his equine partners. The nutrition that ETA-Equine provides is ideal for him. High quality Masters Circle hay provides optimum nutrition for horses and Masters Circle supplements enables the feed to be supplemented and customized as required.

Masters Circle High Quality Hay

This elite rider has chosen Masters Circle’s Townships Blend®, a high quality hay developed by ETA-Equine that originates from the Québec-Vermont border. The unique blend's proportions of Timothy, Orchard Grass, Brome and a little bit of Clover provides an ideal ratio of protein and fiber, in addition to tasting good. Renowned for its research and expertise, ETA-Equine has created a balanced hay for its Masters Circle trade mark that can be fed to competition or leisure horses. Masters Circle hay by Eastern Townships Acreages (ETA-Equine) has a guaranteed analysis and allows for a controlled intake of protein and nutrients. Since the continuous consumption of hay ensures the proper functioning of the digestive system, it is even more important to ensure its consistent quality, protein and fiber balance throughout the year.

The Complete Line of Masters Circle’s Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Masters Circle Supplements are available in 2 sizes, offering unique blends of high quality ingredients that your horse requires. Each supplement is complementary and allows the rider the possibility of combining them together to reach better health with reduced risk of overdosing on certain elements, a risk that many supplements on the market pose when combined. The Masters Circle line was designed with the backing of Alltech ingredients and is the result of collaboration between nutritionists, veterinarians and riders. They are based on the horse’s real needs and provide significant results in performance and overall health.

Darragh Kenny

Kenny is a member of the Irish Show Jumping Team and has become known on the Florida circuit through an agreement with North Run Stables in 2007. After a few years of partnership, he decided to found Oakland Ventures LLC. Kenny competes at the Grand Prix level with success. He very recently participated at the Alltech World Equestrian Games this year in Normandy, France and finished 12th in individuals, 7th in team ranking. In September he also won the $34,000 Don Little Memorial Welcome Stake and the prestigious $100,000 Hermès American Gold Cup Qualifier. In addition to having also participated in the FEI Alltech World Cup Final in 2010 in Lexington, KY, he has participated in several Nations Cups. Darragh Kenny rides a great number of horses each year. He recognizes the importance of nutrition for his equine partners and the need to specifically adapt nutrition to each horse and the impact this has on their performance. The combination of Masters Circle Townships hay blends and Masters Circle supplements, all by ETA-Equine, creates a winning nutrition formula.


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