July 28, 2015- Southern Pines, North Carolina- Eastern Townships Acreages Equine, a superb and ultra-specialized Equine science hay producer in southern Quebec, which has the best climate to produce specific quality equine hay, has joined forces with Moore Equine Feed & Supply in Southern Pines, North Carolina to supply the elite sport horses in the Sandhills region of North Carolina area with their Masters Circle® hay that consists of only the best ingredients for horses. ETA-Equine takes pride in the time and research they have invested to produce a hay mix blend that is specifically for horses. These blends provide the right amount of protein while low in sugars to give your horse the focused and controllable energy it needs for training and competition.

Masters Circle® hay comes in two mix blends, the Townships Blend, baled with black strings and the Appalachian Blend™, baled with white strings. The Townships Blend™ is made up of Timothy, Brome, and Orchard, the higher proportion being Timothy. It averages 9% protein. The Appalachian Blend™ is made up of Timothy, Brome, Orchard, and Clover, the higher proportion also being Timothy with an average 12% protein. Both blends have registered proprietary stem fibers to leaf ratios needed for proper equine diets.  All shipments are lab analyzed. ETA-Equine is looking forward to the relationship with Moore Equine Feed & Supply and the opportunity to provide the sport horse world of Southern Pines with exactly the type of hay they need and deserve.

Mike Samson, ETA-Equine’s president and CEO explains. “The goal of Masters Circle® hay is solely to help produce sounder and stronger horses for the 3 major classical equine disciplines. It is now very well documented that horses need proper equine leaf to stem ratio hay for their specific complex equine digestive system. This leaf to stem ratio is where ETA-Equine differentiates itself from other hay producers. We have developed with the best labs and university research the optimal ratios that are proprietary to ETA-Equine. The objective is not as much the type of hay and grass but rather the proper mixture to optimize the horse’s digestive system and get as a result a well-balanced nutritional factor without at the same time hindering the emotional or psychological factor for training and competition. The look of the hay is not an objective but lab tests and riders results are at ETA-Equine. This is why the best classical competitors trust and feed Masters Circle® hay. Competitors trust Moore Equine Feed & Supply as great and efficient suppliers, thriving to better the competition level and training of all classical disciplines, making them our best partner to bring you the Masters Circle® blends of hay. I don’t want trainers and riders to just trust our word for it, they just need to look up our ETA-Equine’s Masters Circle® Team of riders such as Wellington’s Arlene “Tuny” Page or Darragh Kenny and read what is said about our constant developing line of products. ETA-Equine doesn’t buy endorsements, we earn them by working closely with equine athletes!” ( , )

Moore Equine Feed & Supply is the prime hay, feed, supply and tack store in the heart of Southern Pines, North Carolina. Offering high quality hay, grain and shavings to cover all Equine and livestock needs. The Friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer any questions one may have and the dependable and efficient warehouse personnel make it easy for customers with complete delivery service for hay, grain, shavings and store stock purchases.  Moore Equine Feed & Supply delivers locally within a 20 mile radius as well as to the Triad, Coast and Outlying areas upon request. Moore Equine Feed & Supply is excited about the Staffs’ and Customers’ feedback they have been getting from the first loads of Masters Circle®. “The people buying Masters Circle® hay love it, the great thing is the huge storage capacity ETA-Equine has, guaranteeing a constant supply of the same quality hay day in and day out.   Horses like the hay resulting in less spoilage. I hope that more new customers will come and seek out this constant quality hay. Another important aspect that barn managers and nutritionists will find is the fact that Masters Circle® hay comes with a nutrition report, which is very important for customers who have horses with dietary issues. The constant quality means there is no need for rebalancing the horses’ diet because the hay quality won’t change throughout the year” said Kimberly Aspenleiter, Owner of Moore Equine Feed & Supply.

Masters Circle hay® is available at Moore Equine Feed & Supply for pick up or delivery. Just contact Moore Equine Feed & Supply and request Masters Circle® hay with the black or white strings.

To contact Moore Equine Feed & Supply call (910) 692-2385 or visit the store located at 1012 North May St, Southern Pines, NC 28387