Making sure your horse has the best hooves

A horse's career starts and ends by the condition of their hooves. Damaged or weak hooves can force even the best of horses to sit on the side lines until they are better. That's why it's so important to ensure a horse receives a combination of essential nutrients and hoof care.

Many supplement companies offer different options and reasons to use one type of mineral or vitamin over another, a flavor of the week. Only certain minerals have been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on growing and strengthening the hooves of horses. It's those ingredients that ETA-Equine has used in their Masters Circle Supplements.

The key minerals are copper and zinc, together they help to promote hoof growth. It is important that the Copper and Zinc be mixed together in ideal ratios for best results in hoof care. The Masters Circle Elite Hoof supplement contains these minerals in chilated form. Minerals in chilated form are more expensive to produce but give a mineral that is more concentrated, more quickly absorbed, and better utilized by the horse's metabolism. Also contained in the supplement is Biotin, a B vitamin that has been shown to help in hoof growth. Horses produce some Biotin naturally though not in large enough quantities to really see substantial gains in hoof growth. For this reason it is a stable ingredient in our Elite Hoof supplement along with chilated Zinc and Copper.

Supplements are only part of the solution for healthy hooves. Preventative care is just as important and begins before the farrier comes to see a horse.

Hooves will grow more quickly with increasing daylight. This means the greatest and most noticeable gains occur during the spring and summer months. These are also the months where horses are most likely to be exposed to wet and humid conditions. In these conditions horses are more prone to hooves becoming soft and suffering from sole abscesses. While in dry conditions often seen in winter, hooves are more likely to become brittle and crack. That's why it is important to keep stalls clean and provide mud free turnout areas.

With our Elite Hoof supplement and a proactive approach to ensure healthy hoof conditions in stalls and paddocks you can make sure your farrier sees the best hooves on your horse. Supplements are preventative measures by their nature, it is important to get a horse started on them at a young age to ensure a happy and healthy career and retirement.

Don't wait to make sure your horse has all the vitamin and mineral necessary in their diet for a healthy life. Go to the Masters Circle Elite Hoof product page today and get the supplements your horse needs.