Paula Matute Named Masters Cirle Brand Ambassador

ETA-Equine Signs Up-and-Coming Dressage Rider Paula Matute as 1st Brand Ambassador

Wellington, Florida (November 19, 2015) – Paula Matute of Spain, a rising star in dressage, has been selected as the first Brand Ambassador to represent Masters Circle, a leader in equine nutrition.

The 19-year-old Matute, who has been based in Wellington, Florida since her family moved there in 2008, is a well-regarded rider in international competitions. Her most recent accomplishments include being a member of Spain’s bronze medal team at the 2014 Stillpoint Farm CDIO Nations Cup and she helped Spain earn a silver medal at the 2014 Under-25 Grand Prix at the World Equestrian Festival in Aachen, Germany. 

“Masters Circle and Paula Matute will make for a winning combination,” said Mark-Anthony Samson, the Marketing Director of ETA-Equine. “Paula is a young rider who will share her enthusiasm of being supported by a company with whom she shares the ethics, professionalism of product development and winning exposure.”

Matute recently turned professional and is putting together a group of young horses to train and ride, mostly in the 4-year old and 6-year old classes. Her future goals include Grand Prix classes and the Olympics.

“I am thrilled to be chosen as an ambassador to represent Masters Circle,” said Matute, whose father, Juan Sr. was a three-time Olympian. “The line of 18 supplements that separately focus on specific needs are wonderful and easy to work with! Having organic elements that are truly absorbed and work fast, you quickly see results and that counts for me. As a Professional it was also important that the supplements comply with FEI rules. Used in combination with the Masters Circle Hay Blends, a hay of extremely high quality, a winning combination is created. Riding focused and happy horses in dressage is of the utmost importance. I am very excited to see this new relationship develop over the coming years in competition.”

Brand Ambassadors will actively promote the Masters Circle brand and products among their peers in the equestrian community, according to Samson.

Eastern Townships Acreage, known as ETA-Equine, is well respected throughout the equine world for creating the highest quality hay mix blends that meet performance horses’ nutritional needs while promoting good health and peak performance. ETA-Equine has produced hay mixes that are specially blended so performance horses can graze throughout the day just like they would in the wild.

In addition to appealing to the taste buds of horses, ETA-Equine’s Masters Circle proprietary blends provide performance horses with the important fiber-to-protein ratios they need so badly. The scientific and modern nutritional concepts involved in the creation of ETA-Equine’s hay blends were developed exclusively with horses in mind. As a result, it’s easier for trainers and owners to feed and care for their horses, whether they are involved in leisure riding or competing in events and shows.

The knowledge and approach to nutrition ETA-Equine gained while developing these blends of hay over many years have now been applied to supplements and formulated to a complete line of 18 products. Each product targets one aspect of a horse’s needs; they can be used alone or in combination with each other for enhanced results.

“It was important that high level riders be able to use these supplements in competition so each ingredient is FEI and USEF compliant,” insists Samson.

In order to ensure that each product is of consistent quality, ETA-Equine reached out to Alltech to source the majority of their ingredients.

“This makes it easy to establish where each ingredient comes from and ensures the quality of the products,” said Samson. “It is clear the company chose university research and quality over price in the manufacturing of Masters Circle Supplements destined exclusively to the Equine Classical market segment,” adds Samson.

About Masters Circle from ETA-Equine

ETA-Equine is located in the Eastern Townships, a picturesque little part of southern Québec nestled and bordering the Northern Kingdom of Vermont among the Appalachian mountain range. The geographic location, temperatures, weather and sun exposure make it one of the most ideal locations for growing some of the best hay to ever grace a stable. Along with the Masters Circle forage products, ETA-Equine is proud to introduce the Masters Circle line of supplements to ensure your horse has all the vitamins and minerals it needs to be healthy. ETA-Equine is an organization dedicated to consistently providing superior equestrian nutrition products for the classical disciplines, including forage products for horses and supplements, at yet a reasonable price year round. Whether you are an experienced hand in raising horses or just starting out, let ETA-Equine help care for your horses by providing them with the best hay and/or supplements containing all the nutrition they need for a complete diet regimen.

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