IDA Farm Buys Only ETA-Equine Hay For Its Clients

IDA Farm Buys Only ETA-Equine Hay For Its Clients

Wellington, Florida (February 3, 2016) – The pristine 100-stall farm boasting two covered arenas, two outdoor all-weather arenas with GGT footing & grass field for flat work, International Dressage Academy (IDA Farm) owned by Harry Knopp is continuing its commitment to excellence for its clients by purchasing only MASTERS CIRCLE hay and supplements for their horses and plans to make the brand available to everyone in the Wellington area by delivering supplements and hay in small or large quantities.

“We introduced MASTERS CIRCLE hay because it is of very good quality,” said Marisol Burssens, whose family formerly owned IDA Farm for 16 years and continues to base there training, board and sales business at the facility.

ETA-Equine (Eastern Townships Acreage), producers of MASTERS CIRCLE hay and supplements, is well respected throughout the equine world for creating the highest quality hay mix blends and supplements that meet performance horses’ nutritional needs while promoting good health and peak performance.

Lauren Knopp, FEI professional dressage rider, trainer, and USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist, will act as Commercial Director for the sale and distribution of the hay and supplements from IDA Farm.

Knopp, who has been a customer of MASTERS CIRCLE for two years, says the hay blend and the MASTERS CIRCLE supplements have helped stabilize her horse's' digestion and stamina. After seeing the results she has had, all of her clients and the majority of those stabled at IDA Farm now choose MASTERS CIRCLE for their performance horses.  

“Lauren is not the only one to use our MASTERS CIRCLE line of products” says Mark Anthony Samson, Marketing Director of the brand. “Arlene (Tuny) Page, Marco Bernal, Lauren Sammis and Darragh Kenny are MASTERS CIRCLE Team Riders and either use hay and/or supplements”

“We are excited to be associated with a facility that provides exceptional services and training for riders looking to get the best out of their time in Wellington,” added Samson. “IDA is continuously improving upon the quality and breadth of the services they offer riders, the latest of which is access to MASTERS CIRCLE nutrition regimen developed by ETA-Equine.”

About Masters Circle from ETA-Equine

ETA-Equine is located in the Eastern Townships, a picturesque little part of southern Québec nestled and bordering the Northern Kingdom of Vermont among the Appalachian mountain range. The geographic location, temperatures, weather and sun exposure make it an ideal location for growing some of the best hay to ever grace a stable. Along with the MASTERS CIRCLE forage products, ETA-Equine is proud to introduce the MASTERS CIRCLE line of supplements to ensure your horse receives the vitamins, minerals and digestive qualities it needs to be healthy. ETA-Equine is dedicated to consistently providing superior equine nutrition products for sport horses, including forage products and supplements, at a reasonable price year-round. Use the MASTERS CIRCLE line of products to help care for your horses at any level by providing them with the best hay and/or supplements containing the complete nutrition they need for a comprehensive diet regimen.

For more about MASTERS CIRCLE products distributed by IDA Farm, visit or call Lauren Knopp directly (561) 797-5322