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The proper functioning of one’s vital organs (nervous system, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys) and maintaining cell and tissue integrity (muscles, protein and lipid turnover, ion transport) are essential to the life and health of all living creatures. We have brought together five supplements which, used alone or in combination, will ensure the optimal health of your horse, as well as its performance.

The gastro intestinal tract, especially the hind gut, of a horse is a delicate and highly important part of the horse. Without a healthy digestive tract a horse is not properly absorbing all the essential nutrients and energy from their food and can be prone to colics of different kinds. Our Metabolism and daily essentials supplements are formulated to help support healthy digestive tract in horses. These supplements are formulated to be added as dressing on top of the Base mix (pelleted or powdered) and the Fortifier for optimal results.

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