• Masters Circle Supplements, the new approach to nutrition

    ETA-Equine has worked in close partnerships with Alltech and Belisle nutritional labs, nutritionists, veterinarians, and high level athletes to d...
  • Lauren Sammis Attributes Recent Success to Good Nutrition for Her Horses

    Wellington, Florida- June 27, 2014- Lauren Sammis is in hot pursuit of the Pan American Games with her recent success in the ring and a unique two month training opportunity in the U.K. Sammis recently won the Intermediare II and FEI High Score Award at Centerline Events in Saugerties, New York aboard Lombardo V, a 10-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding owned by Hope Greenfield. Sammis gives credit to the forage diet of Eastern Townships Acreages Equine hay (ETA-Equine)...
  • FEI World Equestrian Games 2018 are coming to Canada

    The FEI Bureau unanimously approved Bromont, located in Eastern Townships Quebec and home to ETA-Equine, as host city for the FEI’s flagship event; the FEI World Equestrian Games™, in 2018...X
  • Choosing the best forage for your horse

    There are many different opinions on what to look for in hay and they change depending on who you ask. Some of the factors people look at to determine if hay is good are subjective and often have no basis on the quality of the hay. This article will cover the things you really should be focusing on when choosing hay and forage for your horse, the things to avoid, and why forage can help your horse...X
  • Colics The Number One Horse Killer – part 2

    Colics can be broken down into three main categories; simple obstructions, strangulating obstructions, and non-strangulating infarction. Simple obstructions typically cover all types of impactions such as food impaction. Strangulating obstructions cover all the various forms of entrapments. And finally non-strangulating infarctions cover the various types of infections that can develop and cause abdominal pain. Also categorized as a kind of colic are gastric ulcers, an all too common form of colic caused by improper feed diets...X
  • Colics The Number One Horse Killer – part 1

    A Colic can be defined as any abdominal pain and by itself is not a diagnosis but a sign that something is causing abdominal pain to a horse. It encompasses all forms of gastrointestinal conditions which cause pain as well as other causes of abdominal pain not related to the gastrointestinal tract. That said, the most common forms of colics are related to the gastrointestinal tract and most frequently related in some way to a colonic disturbance...X
  • Choke: A Traumatic Experience For Horse And Rider

    Choke occurs when there is a blockage in a horse’s esophagus. This blockage can either be due to natural food material or due to a horse ingesting a foreign object of some kind. A horse that suffers from choke will still be able to breathe, as only the esophagus is blocked. Since a horse cannot vomit, it is important to notify a vet right away for treatment. If not treated quickly a horse will become severely dehydrated as it cannot swallow food or water...X
  • Science of Winter Feeding for Horses

    During the colder winter months, a horse needs extra energy to maintain its body temperature without decreasing its weight or creating stress for extended periods of time. On average a horse has a roughly 25% higher energy level requirements during the colder months than in the warmer months...X
  • Did You Know? Optimal Feeding in Warm Weather

    A horse in intense work only needs slightly over 10% protein in the total diet and that is easily met with good quality hay and (limited) fortified commercial horse feed...Comparing this to top quality Alfalfa hay which contains 17% to over 20% crude protein levels it becomes apparent how improper forage can make the situation worse for a horse and even more so if the forage is supplemented with an overabundance of high protein commercial horse feed...X
  • Eastern Township Acreages Equine Endorsed by Two-Time US Team Medalist Lauren Sammis

    WELLINGTON, FLORIDA – January 30, 2014. Two-time US Team medalist and internationally known Dressage rider Lauren Sammis has officially made her endorsement for Eastern Township Acreages Equine (ETA-Equine). ETA-Equine is well respected and known throughout the equine world as makers of top quality hay mix blends that meet performance horses’ nutritional needs while promoting good health and peak performance...X
  • The Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex Endorses Eastern Township Acreages Hay

    WELLINGTON, FLORIDA – January 23, 2014. The Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex – a premiere sport horse destination in Wellington, Florida – has officially endorsed Eastern Township Acreages Equine (ETA-Equine). Makers of high quality hay mix blends that promote health and performance, ETA-Equine is well-known and respected in the equine world for products that meet the nutritional needs of performance horses...X
  • The Eastern Townships

    Robin Esrock at travel national geographic has written a great little article about the Eastern Townships. The place where we at Eastern Townships Acreages are located and grow all our premium quality hay you have come to love. Have a read through the excerpt bellow and who knows, maybe you will want to visit this picturesque area. The one thing Robin Esrock seems to have forgotten is this area is amazing for trail riding with a view, take it from us...X